Getting Started

Step 1: 

In order to create a unique and meaningful montage, please let us know as much information about the celebrant as possible.  Examples are:  favorite movies, TV shows, songs, artists, actors, actresses, sports, sports teams, or any other special interests.

Step 2 Categorize Photos

Step 2: 

Categorize photos into groups, such as:  baby, celebrant alone (early childhood, teenager, current, etc.),  celebrant with parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family and friends, at camp, sports, activities.

Step 3 Organize Photos

Step 3: 

Put the photos in the order that you would like in a digital file titled with the number in the order that you would like it to be.

Step 3 Organize Photos

Step 4: 

If submitting photos digitally, please save to either a USB memory stick, or photo CD.  JPEG format is required.  All photos should be saved in the desired order and numbered. Any video clips must also be supplied on either a memory stick or DVD.

Step 3 Organize Photos

Step 5: 

Make a list of music choice for each category.  If you prefer, our creative staff can select the music that will be sure to set the mood and compliment each portion of the montage.

Step 3 Organize Photos

 Step 6: 

Provide us with any special titles, quotes or other captions that you would like to have included.

Step 6 All done

Step 7: 

Leave the rest to us ….. it is now time for our creative team to design a truly unique and customized montage that will be sure to captivate your family and guests from beginning to end!!